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I want to help supercharge your marketing and sales with my 5-Day marketing and sales workshop...

You get the entire workshop and bonuses all for just $197...

This workshop has been purchased by almost 20,000 Entrepreneurs already...

What's inside of the workshop?

Why relevancy is so important and how to use the key ingredients inside of relevancy to easily become the “go to” person in your industry.

How to create the “light bulb” moment inside of your perfect customer that makes it impossible not to work with you.

The 5-step process for developing relevancy, NO MATTER WHAT YOU SELL.

The relevancy grid and framework that has helped countless Entrepreneurs build their brand and become irresistible in their business.

How to ensure that you only attract your perfect fit customers that creates massive alignment.

How to ensure that your offers are optimized for exactly who is inside of your audience and ensure that you build an audience of people that are actually going to buy.

How to use the SSF Method of messaging and the 9 P’s of messaging to ensure that you’re always speaking the right language.

How to ensure relevance across all your different platforms and channels, with what works the best.

Plus… everything that is important for actually building that moment of someone saying… “This is for me… I’m in”.

In total, on day one we’re going to make sure that people know that it’s YOU that they need and that you're positioned to be a leader in your niche allowing you to charge more and get more people to say “YES” to your offers.

Understand exactly how attention and omnipresence works on the human mind and the science behind one of the most effective ways to ensure that someone purchases.

How to meditate attention and create intrigue and magnetization with your potential customers.

How to decide what platforms to be omnipresent on and how to do it through the 3 different types of traffic.

The 13 different types of content that should be used in Omnipresence and when to use the different types of content for various purposes.

How to strategize Omnipresence and how to tactically ensure you can implement it quickly without getting caught in the traps that make it take 10x longer than it should.

How to turn yourself into celebrity status using Omnipresence within 3 months from now and what that will mean for your business.

How to use Omnipresence to turn the way your potential customers see you, allowing you to generate far more revenue per lead and customer.

How to create the perfect timeline and pillar content for your omnipresence that will work, no matter if you suck at creating content.

Plus, a bunch of bonus videos on how to tactically implement Omnipresence inside of your business.

In short: You’re going to know exactly how Omnipresence works, how it will work for you and be able to plan how to implement the beginning phases of omnipresence into your business.

Understanding the importance of intimacy and exactly what happens inside the mind when someone feels it with you and your brand.

The 3C’s of Intimacy and how to use each inside of your business, while being able to scale the intimacy.

How to build community, both from a framework of the mindset and in actuality.

How to build in conversation and social selling throughout your business.

How to build connection with your audience, no matter if it’s only 1 person.

Ensuring you go from making offers and selling, to offer an opportunity.

Plus… everything you need to know to plan your approach for intimacy in your business.

In short, you’re going to learn exactly how to close the sale, without it ever feeling like a sale, while creating the opportunity to have a waterfall effect of sales with your customers.

Showing you exactly the types of funnels that really work and why the traditional funnel is broken.

Showing you the most effective implementation of my Method both in the short, plus long-term.

Giving you examples of funnels that are working right now with the implementation shortcuts based on the type of business you have, your niche and your service or product.

Ensuring that you don’t make all the mistakes that most Entrepreneurs make when they build their marketing funnel.

Why it’s no longer about a funnel, but rather, it’s about using the 3 elements of what I teach to create a waterfall network of sales and hot leads.

The strategy for building the perfect funnel, without worrying or being obsessed about it.

The live+evergreen launch formula, showing you how to get your funnel out while still putting profit in the bank.

In short, I’m going to show you exactly how to build a marketing funnel that is actually going to turn strangers into raving fans and those who will buy from you, in a way that you’ve never experienced.

Helping you understand exactly how to put all the pieces together so that no matter where you are in your business you can use all that you’ve learned to grow the business.

Understanding and implementing the 3 different traffic sources, giving you the exact “do this” based on the stage and profitability of your business.

Allowing you to understand the technology and how easy it is to implement everything so that you can create and scale.

The exact checklist of what you need to do to ensure that you’re ready to implement and execute while ensuring your chance of success is that much higher.

Plus… some really great bonuses to help you have an edge and reduce the amount of time you spend.

Don't like it? Just let us know and we'll refund right away...

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